domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

The Mask

Behind the scenes
You´ve turned so much different
Wearing your mask
You have turned something different

Cover or shelter,
Evil ways
You go mistreated
Envy, greed

You´re crawling,
Hiding who you are through the bushes
Poisonous snake
That bite hurts so I can´t take

Filled up with thorns
Heart so hurted by these thorns
Digging your way straight to hell
Gossiping, betraying
No one could ever tell

You really sounded kind of sweet
Your appearance, your way, your voice
All in all just a great disguise
Trapped all inside your own pride

So hurted pride....

You turned to evil
Thanks to your pride
Searching the next lie to arrange
Stained by the wish for revenge

Your masks are on
The show´s gonna start
Curtains open
Hypocrite, hate
Tainting out all your heart

Black contamined heart...

You cover all your atitudes
Behind the masks you´re wearing
You´re so different
You´re much different

So damn different....

I just wonder why
You keep your masks on
The show is still on
Lies, lies, lies

I´m just waiting
Till the show´s over
Till the curtains close
Till the lights are off

Wait until the mask falls....

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