segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2013


We must just
Put our egos aside,
In order to be together again
Again and forever

We may just,
Lose it all, forget it all
In order to be happy,
In order to be one,

Just put,
What we´ve done so wrong to each other
Put it aside,
Throw it all outside,
Out of your mind,
Out of your heart...

Put all our pride
The one that is killing us,
Put it aside,
All the hurts, all the pain,
What we said so bad
All the misunderstanding,
Bad words spit to each other

Forget it all,
Put it all aside,

So much time,
And now where are we going?
Senseless ways,
Lost ways,
We´re wasting ourselves

Put it all aside,
Just forget it all,
Put our egos aside
Should we walk again,
Now and forever
Again and forever
As one

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